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What are the surface technologies of the faucet?
发布时间: 2021-11-18

In recent years, with the advancement of science and technology, a dazzling array of faucet products have been created. In order to match different styles of home design, the faucet has become more colorful, showing a variety of gorgeous presentations in gloss, texture, and texture. However, the exquisite "coat" that makes a leader is the surface treatment process that I want to introduce to you today.

Common faucet surface treatment processes include chrome plating, PVD, baking varnish, wire drawing, ORB, etc., each with its own characteristics, which can bring a different feeling to our bathroom.

The common faucet processing method on the market is that chromium is a silver-white metal with blue light. Chromium also has a strong passivation ability, is not easy to change in a humid environment, and can maintain the surface gloss for a long time. The appearance similar to precious metals is decorative, so chrome-plated faucets are currently more popular with consumers.

PVD stands for physical vapor deposition and is an advanced surface treatment technology widely used internationally. Under vacuum conditions, gas or vaporized substance is separated by gas discharge, vaporized substance or its reactant is deposited on the substrate, and gas ions or vaporized substance ions are bombarded at the same time. PVD's rich colors are gorgeous and elegant, and its excellent resistance to harsh environments, easy cleaning, and non-fading performance are deeply loved by consumers.


Apply primer and topcoat on the faucet substrate, and send it to a dust-free constant temperature drying room for electric heating or far-infrared high-temperature baking after each painting to cure the paint layer. The surface of the paint faucet is smooth and shiny, which can present a piano-like visual texture, making the whole product look very high-end.

The wire drawing process brings a metallic texture to the faucet. According to the decorative needs of the faucet, the surface can produce texture under the action of external force. Wire drawing processing is divided into stainless steel wire drawing, nickel wire drawing, etc., and wire drawing. This kind of treatment makes the visual effect of the faucet rough, and at the same time it has a very delicate hand feeling, showing a kind of restrained beauty.

The ORB process is to oxidize and dye the copper or copper-plated surface into bronze or black, then draw or polish, and then spray oil. Different from bronze, ORB is black and brown, and red brushed lines will appear at the edges and corners after brushing. The products processed by ORB will have a delicate touch, giving it a low-key and deep connotation color, with a strong retro atmosphere.

Appropriate surface treatment can make the overall shape of the faucet richer and fuller. Choosing the right faucet can also be the finishing touch to the bathroom collocation, making every time you open it pleasing to the eye.

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