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How to buy a shower?
发布时间: 2021-08-16
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A good shower can not only improve the pleasure of bathing, but also improve the quality of life. In addition to seeing the water when buying a shower, you also need to look at the following 9 indicators:

① Look at the weight

When taking a shower, the weight of the shower head = the weight of the shower head + the weight of the water. This is suitable for purchasing a hand-held shower. Since it is hand-held, it should not be laborious to hold it.


② Look at the shape

The shape of the shower head depends on the hand-held comfort, electroplating, material, etc. Hand-held comfort mainly depends on the shape and size of the handle, choose the one that suits your hand circumference, and then look at the quality and material of the electroplating.

③ See the water pattern

Different modes have different body feelings, and the massage + basic watering mode is suitable for different scenarios. However, I should remind you not to blindly pursue the water outlet method. Some showers have four modes, but in fact, there is not much difference between each mode. Usually 2-3 different modes are sufficient.

④ See the diameter of the water diffusion surface

The larger the spreading surface of the water, the wider the body contact area, and the more abundant water flu. If the diffusion surface is small, the water flow is concentrated, water is wasted, and the comfort level is not high. Testing the diffusion surface is very simple. Under a certain height, the larger the diameter of the splash, the better.

⑤ Check for air injection

The air injection function can expand the contact surface of the water droplets with the body, while reducing the strength of the water droplets hitting the body, improving comfort, and creating the feeling of rain. Generally, high-end showers are equipped with air injection function as standard.

⑥ Look at the boost function

Insufficient water pressure, only pressurized shower to make up. Old communities, high floors, and houses with insufficient water pressure must all pay attention to this indicator. Insufficient water pressure will seriously inhibit the effect of non-pressurized showers. The simplest method can be used to test the water pressure: hold the shower upside down and see the height of the spray.

⑦ See water saving effect

The number and size of the water outlet, whether the water saving valve is used, and whether the diffusion surface is large enough will affect the water saving effect. The simplest test method is to calculate the time it takes to fill a basin of water. The longer the time, the more water will be saved.

⑧ Look at the ease of cleaning

In order to avoid clogging of the shower due to poor water quality, most of the designed water outlets are protruding silicone spouts. Simple cleaning can be done with a single touch of a finger. The dirt will be washed out with the water. Some showers also have the function of automatically removing scale.

⑨ Look at the price

As low as dozens of yuan, up to several thousand yuan, the price of different grades of showers is different, so you can choose the one that suits you within your budget.

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