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Can polyethylene wax be used in putty powder? Polyethylene wax can be used as a putty powder lubricant, and can be used in putty paste, putty powder, latex paint, concrete, external wall insulation mortar and cellulose. Polyethylene wax can change the workability, very smooth and smooth, and easy to scrape. So, what are the characteristics of polyethylene wax as a putty powder lubricant? Next, follow the Shunlong chemical manufacturer to learn about it.

1. It does not have any chemical reaction with other substances and can be used with confidence.

2. The special material composition is used, which is different from the conventional putty lubricant, and the effect is unique.

3. The surface of the putty after scraping can be made fuller, smoother and better, and the wear and tear of the putty can be reduced, and the hardness of the putty can be increased.

4. It can make the putty homogeneous and stable, prevent the putty from shedding water, and improve the storage stability of the putty.

Putty powder lubricant is not a single material, but is composed of a variety of composite materials. Polyethylene wax can play a role in being smooth and smooth during batch scraping, but does not sag, does not affect the thickness of batch scraping, and increases the product The adhesion with the base surface is not easy to crack and powder. 

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