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How to clean the shower head?
发布时间: 2021-12-22
标签: shower head

Ordinary households will install shower heads, but the types of shower heads will be different. We need to know something about shower heads. If the shower head is used for a long time, there will be clogging problems, then how to clean the shower head?

We can use white vinegar to help. The specific method is to put a small amount of water and white vinegar mixture into a plastic bag of appropriate size, then wrap the nozzle, and tie the upper part tightly with a string or rubber band. This is how vinegar can dissolve calcium carbonate.

shower head

The shower nozzle diverts the water column from multiple water outlets to reduce the impact on the skin and can also achieve the effect of massage. When cleaning, you can use small objects around you, such as embroidery needles, to sew. Pierce the needle one by one into each outlet hole to make the scale fall off the inner wall of the outlet hole, and then inject water into the nozzle from the water inlet, and pour the water out after shaking, so that the scale can be fully cleaned.

For sprinklers with electroplating on the surface, in addition to cleaning, it is also necessary to pay attention to the daily maintenance of the surface. We need to keep the surface clean after use. We often wipe the surface with a soft cloth moistened with flour and rinse it with water to keep the surface smooth and prolong the service life.

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