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Installation form of shower head
发布时间: 2021-08-16
标签: concealed shower

Commonly used showers in homes have two installation forms: exposed showers and concealed showers.

1. Surface mounted shower

The pipes of the exposed showers are installed outside the wall, which is also the most common form of installation.

Advantages: Convenient installation and easy maintenance.

Disadvantages: ① Occupy the bathroom space, the vision is not beautiful; ② The water control body and the water supply hose are exposed outside the wall, prone to bumps.

2. Concealed shower

Concealed shower means that the shower pipe is hidden inside the wall, only the shower head and switch are exposed. The concealed showers are also divided into embedded top showers and side showers.


Advantages: It does not take up bathroom space, and the appearance is simple and generous.

Disadvantages: ① The construction is slightly more difficult, and the wall needs to be drilled in advance to embed the pipeline; ② The later maintenance is inconvenient and more troublesome.

Concealed installation process of shower

1. Concealed top spray shower

This installation method is relatively simple. It only needs to determine the size of the shower head before the water and electricity, and then the slotted wiring is embedded in the concealed box.

2. Concealed shower with side spray function

Concealed installation of the side spray shower is a bit more troublesome. It needs to be equipped with a built-in box and multiple valve cores to match the water outlet method. It is also the most comfortable when used later.

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