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How to look at the quality of the shower head when purchasing?
发布时间: 2021-08-16

Natural water

Natural water, as the name implies, is water that is naturally sprayed. Natural water has not undergone any treatment. It is sprayed from the silicone nozzle of the shower. The water itself carries some pressure and can wash the whole body. It is the most common way to spray water.


Sparkling water

Bubble water is to inject air into the water stream, which is what we often call air injection technology. The bubble water is equipped with an air groove in the internal water channel of the shower. The high-speed flow of water drives the airflow to mix to form a water column, turning the originally sprayed water into dripping water. The bubble water is plump and soft and round. After the bubble water rushes through the body , The small bubbles remaining in the body burst continuously, bringing bursts of coolness. Because the bubble water is injected into the air, it can also achieve the purpose of saving water.

Massage water

The massage water gathers the water flow into the massage water hole. There is a rolling rotor in the massage hole. Under the impact of the water flow, the rotor is driven to rotate at a high speed inside the shower. The water flow generates pulsed water after blocking the part of the water flow with frequency. Such water splashes have a massage effect on the body, so it is called massage water.

Spray water

The spray water is because the spray holes on the panel have been specially designed, and the water flows through and then becomes mist-like eruption. The mist-like water area is large. Being in the water mist can give the showerer a different experience. .

Waterfall water

Waterfall water is the same as waterfall. The main principle is to change the outlet holes into strips. The water spurts out from the original pores and then flows out in strips. Standing below it feels like a natural waterfall falling down.

In addition to the above several water outlet methods, some showers are also equipped with mixed water outlet methods, such as mixing natural water with massage water, mixing bubble water with spray water, and so on.

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